by Oll Breds

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digital version of August 2013 cassette album. Cassette has some additional material and is in edition of 50 with some inner physical material by Jack Metcalf ( ***1st Run SOLD OUT***
2nd Edition on the way! We'll have em on tour.

2nd edition sold out!
If you want a tape, I'll make you one.


released August 16, 2013

Engineered by Isaiah Lara (December 2012), except for the bootleggy sounding stuff (May 2013). Jacob Kahn plays bass on Moloch. Oll Breds is Jacob Milstein and Thomas Macfie and has been helped by many.

Check out our Missoula music movie:

And our split solo vinyl:

remember this?
O L L * B R E D S * T O U R * 2013 * F A L L
(contact four oh five, eight two oh, three seven four five.)

October 16th MISSOULA @ zacc bsmt w/ the bugs (portland), mountain shark

October 18th BELLINGHAM @ pre show early house party (assumption dungeon, 2115 ellis st) w/ dad jazz, speakers playing weezer's red album

October 19th SEATTLE @ the heartland w/ the craig band

October 20th OLYMPIA @ house party (the porchtress, 1430 madison ave nw) w/ ava arvest, grrlfriend worship, go home

October 21st CENTRALIA @ the hub

October 22nd PORTLAND @ TBA

October 23rd OAKLAND @ eli's mile high club (if we can book a loco band)

October 24th OAKLAND @ poetry reading / house party

October 26th \
October 27th - LA / PEDRO AREA @ Please help us book a party or venue!
October 28th /

October 29th PHOENIX @ Please help us book...

October 30th BISBEE @ Please help us book

October 31st TUCSON @ TBA

November 1st \ TUCSON AREA
November 2nd /
November 3rd /

November 4th FLAGSTAFF @ Please help us book

November 5th PRESCOTT @ PHUB (please help us book)

November 6th LAS VEGAS @ Please help us book

November 7th SALT LAKE CITY

Jacob and Tommy

Past Shows since we started journaling:

September 25th (solo Jacobo Milstein) MISSOULA @ the practice space * orchard thief (minneapolis) & skin flowers (missoula)

September 28th (solo Milstein again) MISSOULA @ jules' house * olivia rose & bigger than mountains (both from olympia)

(Tom gets back)

October 6th MISSOULA @ vfw * cult babies & jay arner (both from vancouver bc)



all rights reserved


Oll Breds Nashville, Tennessee

A live nation can always cut a deep mark and can have the best authority the cheapest... namely from its own soul.

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Track Name: always goodbye
I looked into the sleepless white light
bathing everyone I knew
I was bored but I couldn't scream
I just sniffed it's glue
In a dream I was lying to be caught
practicing to be a black hole's door
give me one more night on Earth
I'll go poor
After two weeks of buddha and buddha
I heard my cell phone ring
it could not have been no one calling
it was always buddha calling
I saw the flower in a photo
bloomed more fully than I could recall
I touched my hand against the surface
nothing at all
Track Name: last year
last year was harder than any before you kept your watch
by the door, I've nothing to say to the past anymore, awhattamoment is

if you knew only how heavy I feel after you left
it got real, stuck to the highway through mountains and fields, a whatta tease, love

answer me answer me, say what you will
don't be so still,
it scares me
drink what you want and the glass will stay filled
oh whatta drink
Track Name: newspaper man
All that I can or could be, a feeling for life
I'm a pig
Track Name: everyone's wild about moloch
everyone's wild about moloch
uh I think I should be
dreaming all about moloch
and what it means to me
but oh if I only knew him
then I think I'd see
I can't hide
I can't...
Track Name: gimmea million dollar bill
I want to touch you like a million dollar bill, roll you up
and hold you close to me until your time
comes, your time is coming
you can give me everything I want
you could give everybody something they ain't got

you and me, people don't like what they see.
I'll take you out on friday anyway
we'll be the best kept and most arrived,
people talk and I know you hear them
taking ad space in the bathroom mirror.

I got small change but when I look at you
your big eyes, they hold me like glue.

You want to leave me but before you go,
give me one chance...
Track Name: price on your head now
if I had a lot of money I could do you very well, with a diamond for the trouble in your heart
but I could not rescue you I couldn't even tie your shoe the price on your head now

you really think you wear it well coming in and out your door
the crown somebody thought that you could use
they give you little bows politely seeing how to judge you
by your shoes

now it's getting heavy and there's wrinkles un your eyes
i could only ask you understand
there ain't no living in the money given in the price on your head now
Track Name: when yer down
when you're down drive me round, we're together now
you can tell a lie even compromise,
oh wow.

people say everything carries a meaning
there's no such thing as hate only love for something that would take it's place

when you're down you make me down too, I really like what you do
you really part the scene people say they know what you mean

people say people say people say...
don't you know there's no such thing as people only something
to help you solve for equal
Track Name: no
I can't go along with you, do you
know there's nothing I can do, do you?
I can't go on in your direction you're
throwing money at a life, I get in your face
for inspection so you can see me crying
do you?
you'll find somebody, anybody, who can fill your void
I couldn't turn away,
thank god I been destroyed